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Angular Drag And Drop Form Builder


This is a concise front-end application developed with Angular. You can create a beautiful form with drag and drop visualization. You can get inspiration from it to make a draggable form; at the same time, you can also modify it to suit your own needs.

Main advantages of drag and drop editor are:

  • You can add the necessary block or element just by dragging and dropping it and see the results right away;
  • You can easily edit each element (change color, style, size and so on);
  • You don’t need specialized knowledge to work with the editor;


  • Drag and Drop Elements
    If you want any element to appear in your template, simply drag it from the left side of the screen into the work area.
  • Create a Design Matching the Style of Your Site
    Change the background, text color, font size and style, as well as other parameters to suit your taste.
  • Social networks
    Continue communicating with your subscribers on social networks, by adding links to your social media pages in your form.
  • Multilingual
    This app support 3 languages: English, Vietnamese and Japanese. But you can add as many as you want by duplicating the translation file then edit it in your language.
  • Responsive
    The subscription forms you create with this app will be adapted for all screen formats. They will look good on even the smallest screens.
  • Dozens of elements
    Currently, this app support 13 elements:
  1. Section
  2. Button
  3. Text
  4. Text field
  5. Textarea
  6. Dropdown
  7. Checkbox
  8. Radio
  9. Image
  10. Spacer
  11. Separator
  12. Social networks
  13. Uploader
  • Preview
    See what your customer/client will see before you generate HTML.
  • HTML & JSON generation
    You can easily generate your designed form to HTML or JSON


Where to buy

You can buy this script at

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