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React Seat Map Picker

React Seat Map Picker

Elevate your bus reservation experience (or even movie, theatre, train, ship, plane tickets) with the React Bus Seat Map Picker – a sophisticated and meticulously crafted script designed exclusively for bus seat bookings. Engineered with strict TypeScript, this innovative solution brings unparalleled type safety to your seat selection process, ensuring a seamless and error-free booking experience.

Key features

  • Precise Bus Seat Representation The React Bus Seat Map Picker accurately replicates the layout of a bus interior, allowing passengers to intuitively visualize and select their preferred seats.
  • TypeScript Interfaces for Robust Data Structures Our script leverages TypeScript interfaces to define robust data structures, including seats, rows, and area/floor. This strict typing guarantees a reliable and consistent representation of your bus seat map.
  • Interactive Seat Selection Users can visually explore and choose their preferred seats from an interactive and visually appealing seat map. The map provides a clear representation of the venue layout, making it easy for customers to navigate and select seats.
  • Grid System Adaptability The script’s grid system is designed to accommodate diverse seating arrangements. Whether you’re configuring car or bus seats with specific rows and columns or planning flight seating with unique section divisions, the grid system can be adapted to fit your business requirements.
  • Customization Options Enjoy the freedom to customize seat types, area/floor, and layouts to meet the specific needs of your bus service. Designate driver seats, custom the seat icon with your own design or create specialized areas with ease.
  • Integration Possibilities The script can be easily integrated into existing React applications or used as a standalone solution

Demo & purchase link here

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